Heavy Machining Professional

Manufacturer of large and precision pieces

Our company specializes in heavy and mid-heavy machining. Our specialties include flaring and milling of large and precision pieces, as well as turnery of large shafts and axially symmetrical pieces. For these pieces we also offer drilling of very long holes. The products we manufacture are always large, heavy and very precise in their dimensional tolerance.

An effective and diverse range of machinery

In deliveries of challenging pieces both technical know-how and flexibility are of importance. We are able to offer a capacity of over 70 CNC machine tools for our customers' needs. Our range of machines and equipment allows us to manufacture all kinds of pieces, including large bodies of revolution, cylinders, pipes, prismatic pieces, conical pieces and containers.

Machining work for various industries

We machine demanding pieces for the maritime, offshore and subsea industries, as well as for the energy sector. In addition, we have decades of experience with highly demanding paper and pulp industry pieces. More information about our various industries.

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